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Julie Colclough’s Chester gallery invited to be the first to offer Eric Tucker limited edition prints. 

Since Eric Tucker, ’The Secret Artist’ died in 2018, a small number of his paintings have been released for sale, astounding his family by selling in just 4 hours at prestigious Mayfair galleries. 

The treasure trove of hidden work by Eric Tucker hit the headlines after his death, when his family discovered that every drawer, alcove, outbuilding, even the airing cupboard of his house was stuffed with nearly 400 paintings and sketches. Eric had dreamed of being an artist, of having his work seen in exhibitions. To fulfil his dream, the small end-of-terrace house was opened to the public and as his brother Tony told the BBC  “We thought the neighbours would come”.  However, the news went viral and over 2000 people queued down the street for a glimpse.

Eric was immediately hailed as an important discovery in British art, leaving an enormous cultural legacy of scenes depicting the streets and pubs of north-west England.  

The art world have compared his work to Edward Burra, L.S. Lowry, James Ensor and Eric Ravilious.  Various artists may have influenced him, but his style is very much his own and has been described as a “significant contribution to modern British art” by art historian Ruth Millington.

It has been widely reported that Eric only drew in secret and had never attended any art classes, but he was actually a regular attendee at Julie Colclough’s life drawing classes in Warrington.  As Julie recalls “Eric was a superb draughtsman and observer. Even in the breaks he would sometimes grab a scrap of paper and surreptitiously draw a quick sketch of one of the students.”   Eric came to the classes for many years, often with his brother Tony and other pals with whom he shared tales of his youthful adventures.  

As can be seen, Eric’s life drawings reveal a skill not seen in public before.  (Shown here alongside Julie’s sketch of the same model).

Sadly during his last visits to the classes he would look at his hands in frustration when arthritis was taking hold and the pencil wouldn’t move as he wanted.   

Julie has had a long and successful career as an artist and has illustrated hundreds of books such as the Famous Five.  Since opening her art gallery on Chester’s historic Watergate Row in 2019, Julie has sold her own distinctive paintings of north-west scenes, particularly Chester, Manchester & the Lake District, in addition to work from her travels through Europe.  “I was absolutely delighted to be asked by Eric’s family if we would display some Fine Art Limited edition prints of his best paintings.  It is a privilege to continue sharing Eric’s story.”

The Julie Colclough Gallery has three images for sale, ‘Ragtatters Pony’, ’Two Smokers’ and ‘Horses’, each available in two sizes in small editions.  Each fine art print is of the highest archival quality, they are embossed & numbered individually, and framed by our bespoke framers.

Ragtatter’s Pony      Framed  £425       Frame size 79cm x 75cm. Edition of 100. Same size as the original painting.

Ragtatter’s Pony       Framed  £260       Frame size 61cm x 59cm. Edition of 400

Two Smokers           Framed   £370      Frame size 66cm x 63cm. Edition of 100. Same size as the original painting.

Two Smokers          Framed   £250      Frame size 55cm x 54cm. Edition of 400

Horses. Framed £425. Frame size 83cm x 74cm. Edition of 100. Same size as original painting.

Horses smaller edition of 400 also available – framed from £260.

Visit the Julie Colclough Gallery or contact us to reserve your print.


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