How to Commission a Painting

Let us guide you through the process of commissioning an artwork that is perfect for your home or business.

Commissioning a painting is an exciting way to record your precious memories of family, home, holidays, life achievements or special events. 

Captured in paint to pass down the generations, your own work of art can make a stunning focal point to your chosen room, creating a prominent talking point or to be enjoyed in a private place.

Over many years Julie has been commissioned to create paintings for homes, boardrooms, golf courses, retirements, graduations, weddings & countless private and corporate clients, big and small.

You can be confident in commissioning a truly unique piece of art.

To discuss your ideas, please contact Julie by phone/email or visit the gallery.  Together we can discuss your requirements for your personal piece of art:


Think about the approximate size your finished painting will be, both framed and unframed. Where will it hang?  


What is your subject ?  Your house, your favourite place, your favourite grandparent, your wedding venue, your business, your chairman of the board, your proudest moment?  The possibilities are endless.


Is the painting a gift for a birthday, an anniversary, to remember a special place/person or to mark a special achievement? 


Do you have a particular date for the completed painting in mind, such as Christmas, a birthday, opening your business?  


This will depend on size, complexity and how many days or weeks will be needed to paint your idea.  Customers’ budgets vary from £600 to ten thousand, however they average around £2000. Think carefully about your budget; a sketch may be done in hours or days but a finished painting can take a professional artist many weeks to complete and the price will reflect this. A quote will be provided after discussing your ideas. 


After discussing your requirements in detail and payment of the deposit, Julie will make a sketch of your proposed painting for your approval. This gives you the opportunity to review and make small changes, before Julie commences the final painting.  You will also have a choice of bespoke framing, for which we are happy to advise.


Two Examples of Commissions


Unique house portraits. Every picture tells a story. This is not just any house portrait: this is one of Julie’s specialities for private clients.

The background of the painting contains historical documents relevant to the building, such as conveyance forms signed by Beatrix Potter. Plus of course Julie Colclough’s distinctive trademark of old maps and personal items chosen by her clients who loved the result:   “Thanks Julie we are both delighted with the picture which now hangs in the hall where it can be seen both from a distance and close up.”

House Portrait in the lake District - signpost series

LFC fan club

This was commissioned by Liverpool FC fan club and presented at the famous pub the Sandon, Anfield, at the first match of the season.  For this commission the clients wanted a very traditional painting. They loved the initial sketch and suggested a small additional detail : one of their members was added, standing at the bus stop.  The clients were thrilled with the finished painting: “I’ve had great feedback from the lads…  I’m made up.”

Sandon JC - illustration